The Signorvino-Nomisma Observatory has presented the trends in sales and interests of final consumers regarding Italian wine. Women? They tend to rely on the advice of experts.




Verona, 19 December 2018 – Franciacorta (10%) leads as the best-selling denomination in 2018, followed by Amarone (9% with an average price of €45.5) and Prosecco DOC DOCG (9%), then Brunello di Montalcino (4%): wines that can also be excellent suggestions for gifts for loved ones during the holidays! However, the wines that have registered even higher growth are Lugana, Rosso di Montalcino and Pinot Nero, followed by Prosecco, Amarone and Trento DOC. With regard to the cost that Italians are willing to sustain in order to purchase a bottle, the price range that is most convincing to Italians who are interested in buying wine, both in store and take away, is represented by wines costing from €14.90 to € 19.90 (21%), followed by wines sold at a cost between € 9.90 and € 14.90 (20%): thus, attention to quality, but always with an eye on the wallet. Red wines are the most appreciated (41%) with sparkling wines (25%) in second place.

Women who enter wine shops often do not have a predefined idea of which wines to buy; even if they prefer light wines, they always appreciate the advice of an expert. On the other hand, the average male purchaser tends to be older and already knows what to choose and focuses on the prestige of the label, seeking wines that are structured and well-known.
The SignorvinoNomisma Wine Monitor Observatory does not aim at static and abstract research, but provides an indication of the trends regarding the interests of final consumers that can be a guide for producers as well as the entire Italian wine sector.

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