Wine Monitor is the Nomisma Observatory on the wine market, set up in order to support the businesses and institutions of the Italian wine supply chain in comprehending the dynamics of the market, both nationally and globally. Wine Monitor was founded as an initiative of Nomisma’s Agriculture and Food Industry Unit, a team of experts specialised in economic analyses and strategic consulting in the agri-food sector.


In a scenario that has radically changed and is constantly evolving, Wine Monitor is an indispensable tool for companies that seek to undertake internationalisation programmes as well to reformulate marketing policies for the internal market. Wine Monitor is the first platform that systemises all data and information on the wine world, integrating services that support the business strategies of companies.


Nomisma is a leading company in applied research. Nomisma has been following and analysing the phenomena of the national and international economy for over thirty years and is recognised as one of the leading private research institutes at national and European levels. Nomisma combines specific knowledge and competences on the main sectors of the economy (agriculture, industry, real estate, tourism, transport and logistics, cultural heritage, services) with innovative solutions for companies and institutions.


Our history


Wine Marketing is launched – Nomisma’s publication on the marketing of wine in Europe.

Wine Marketing provides analyses of the strategic positioning of Italian wine in international markets. Nine international markets are analysed, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the Italian wine offering compared to that of the main competitors.




Nomisma, in collaboration with the Tagliacarne Institute, published the Unioncamere Report on the Italian wine sector. The publication provides an overview of wine production in Italy and in the various regional basins and assesses the socio-economic impacts of the wine supply chain in different territories at the national level.



In 2008, the second edition of Wine Marketing was published. The publication describes the world scenario of the wine market and the competitive positioning of Italian wine, providing a strategic analysis of competitors, distribution channels, prices and consumption, as well as 1,000 summary company profiles of wholesalers and importers.

The publication received the international Cinelli Colombini award in 2009 and 2011 in the section “marketing in the wine sector”.



“Wine beyond the crisis” identifies the changes that have taken place over the last decade in the marketing variables that play a greater strategic role in the internationalisation of companies in the wine sector.

The volume received the international Cesare Pavese award for 2011 in the section “wine in literature”.

Authors: Denis Pantini, Fabio Piccoli



The premiumisation of consumption, the unknowns of the Brexit effect, management changes in the Canadian monopolies, the performance of rosé wines in the US, and the new approach to sustainability of the Swedish Systembolaget, are just some of the strategic insights contained in the 2018 edition of Wine Marketing, the Nomisma Wine Monitor publication on scenarios, international markets and the competitiveness of Italian wine, with the contributions of Lamberto Frescobaldi, Matteo Lunelli and Ettore Nicoletto.